Guitar is one of the most beautiful gift ever presented to humans by humans. Whether it’s acoustic or electric, It isn’t solely based on just the instrument itself. The love for the instrument is what drives the inner heart to learn more and more. But, There comes a time where you start asking yourself about how you can develop your proficiency in guitar. Not just you, Many Guitar Players also face these situations and gets stuck in between which eventually ends up losing some interest in guitar playing.

So, To solve this problem, Here are some steps which you might wanna follow to
overcome the proficiency problem :

1. Practicing to a metronome: Can’t stress out on how important a metronome is, But you should always practice with a metronome. The Advantage of practicing on metronome is that you’ll develop the consistency and uniformity in your playing.

2. Checking out the tutorials: Leverage Youtube, check out some tutorials, say if you wanna learn fingerpicking, you can just search for a lesson that teaches so!

3. Persistence: When you go on to learn something, don’t drop it half way instead practice it more in your leisure time.

4. Playing to a track: If you are learning a certain song, try playing alongside with the track which will eventually give you an idea of the pace and the rhythm you want to achieve.

5. Improvising: Check out some random instrumentals on youtube, type in something like “Guitar track on C major”, etc., & try to improvise your own stuff to the track, which will help you a lot in writing your own music!

6. Practice: Lastly, The most important thing is “PRACTICE”. If you are not practicing on guitar regularly, then all would be a waste. The Key to developing proficiency is Practice, Practice & Practice. Whatever things you learn, Practice it and You’ll become a good guitar player.

Conclusion: Well, Developing guitar proficiency is indeed a fun process. You should just have the hunger to learn new things about it every day. Happy Practicing!!



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