This December Month is doing wonders all over the world. From Travis Scott Sicko Mode Chords To Kunto Aji’s Topik Semalam Chords to pilu membiru chords , People from different parts of the world are learning some amazing songs on Guitar.

Here is a list below of the Top 10 Most loved songs by musicians in December. Check’em Out :

  1. Bastille – Happier
  2. Travis Scott – Sicko Mode
  3. Phosphorescent – New Birth in New England
  4. Soran – Emma
  5. Ariana Grande – Thank U, Next
  6. Gluck auf – Joris
  7. Kunto Aji – Pilu Membiru
  8. Kunto Aji – Topik Semalam
  9. Maris Rascal – Love is Easy
  10. Justin Bieber – Mistletoe

These songs were the one which people were learning worldwide. Do play these songs and tell us which was difficult to learn. Happy Learning!


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