With the growth of streaming services, Spotify has been leading the transformations to meet the needs and requirements of consumers on the purchase and consumption of music. On the other hand, the big business model – Apple’s iTunes has been in decline for years. In terms of business, it is a big step for Apple to dive into the music streaming services.


Ever since its release, Apple Music is becoming more popular over time. It has now become the most powerful competitor for Spotify. In this article, we will give you a full comparison between Spotify and Apple Music and let you decide which one is better. The ceo of streamsbyte, a company that allows spotify musicians to <a href=”https://streamsbyte.com/”>buy spotify plays</a>, state that: “over the time we have seen a huge hike on new users on spotify. Most of them have shifted from apple music. The decline was imminent.”


<strong>Artists abandon Spotify for Apple Music</strong>

Apple Music is the only platform that has agreed to comply with the CRB’s injunction. In the wake of his appeal against this decision of the judges, Spotify filed a complaint against Apple. The link between the two events is obvious. The implication is clear: with its commissions levied on applications on the App Store, Apple is more likely to agree the increase in remuneration of artists, where Spotify must already pay him 30% of its income. It is an unfair competition according to the streaming platform.


Spotify is now at war on two fronts: it is on the one hand the onslaught of artists and composers against it, and on the other hand, it triggers a showdown against Apple.


<strong>Apple Music vs Spotify: Quality of Music</strong>

Apple Music offers the same quality of sound for free and paid users. A standard 256 kbps option in AAC format is available. Spotify, on the other hand, offers different sound qualities depending on the subscription status: 96 kbps and 160 kbps for free trials and 320 kbps for paid subscribers.


<strong>Comparison of Prices.</strong>

The monthly fee for an individual Apple Music and Spotify subscription are the same:$9.99. Apple however, offers a better price for larger families than Spotify which charges an extra $ 5 per user over the $ 9.99 monthly rate, (then, Apple Music: $ 15 a month for six accounts vs Spotify: $ 30 for five accounts) . Furthermore, both platforms offer a free trial period, 3 months for Apple Music whereas Spotify only offers 30 days.


<strong>Apple Music vs Spotify’s system of Discovering Music.</strong>

Borth Apple Music and Spotify are trying to identify the user’s musical preferences in order to help you find new music, but the way they do is totally different. To learn what you like and what you search as new suggestions continuously, Apple Music uses the Beats Music recommendation engine. Spotify on the other hand, suggests songs based on what you have previously listened to.


The music of some artists does not exist in Spotify because of a freemium level. There are many famous artists on Apple Music, Robert Johnson, Elvis Presley and Coldplay and many more.


<strong>The radio feature o both platforms</strong>

After jumping into the music streaming business, Apple Music are also thinking of getting into field of radio. Their project is called Beats 1 stations, they stream it LA, New York and London.  Beats 1 promises to be an ever-live radio station where DJs will not only broadcast popular music, but also offer exclusive interviews by discussing hot music and musical culture. This can serve musicians greatly, as they will benefit from the latest information that they can use to attract more people interested in music.


Spotify does not have live radio, but it allows you to create stations with to your favorite artists, genres, songs, playlists or albums, to satisfy your taste.


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