Your guitar lessons in Brooklyn are going very well and you are skilled enough to buy your first guitar. You can buy different types of guitar including:

  • Acoustic Guitars
  • Electro-acoustic Guitars
  • Semi-acoustic Guitars
  • Electric Guitars
  • Bass Guitars

If your teacher has recommended an acoustic guitar then we have some tips for you. Now the question is:

How can I buy a quality acoustic guitar?

Good-sounding amplifiers can mask the poor quality of your electric guitar. However, not in the case of an acoustic guitar. A poor quality acoustic guitar can completely break your playing experience.

Tip 1: Focus on the body style  

The first thing most of the buyers compare is the price. However, the very first thing you should see is the style of the guitar. The body style of the instrument plays an important role in producing the sound of the guitar. And it also defines the comfortability of the instrument. Decide whether you should buy a jumbo guitar, half-size guitar or slim guitar. The most popular dreadnaught guitar comes in many variations. When you are in a local music store, you should have the following questions to ask:

  • Does the guitar feel too small or too big between strumming arm and chest?
  • Does chord hand fit comfortably around the neck?
  • Does the body style fits your preferences?

Tip 2: Ask someone else to play the guitar

Once you have decided the body style, it’s time to choose a guitar that fits your style and produces the sound quality you want. Here you need to know about the projection and resonation of the guitar. Play a few guitars and you will be able to notice the resonations of different guitars. Many first time buyers don’t listen to the projection of the instrument. However, you may not be able to do it by yourself. This is the reason why you should bring a friend or your guitar teacher offering guitar classes in NYC. Stand in front of your friend playing the instrument. You should have the following questions to ask:

  • How clear is the projection when the instrument is played loudly?
  • How strong is the projection when the guitar is played softly?

Tip 3: Check Action And Intonation  

It is important to check the action and intonation of the guitar you are willing to buy. You can adjust both the action and intonation. Guitar stores usually set up guitars for prospective buyers. When even the seller can’t correct the action and intonation, the guitar manufacturing is not of good quality.

  • How to check the action:

Bring the 12th fret of the guitar to the level of your eyes. See the distance between fretboard and strings. You can also use a ruler to take measurements. If you don’t have a ruler, make sure that the increase in the distance between the 12th and 5th fret should not be noticeable.

  • How to check the intonations:

You can check intonation in two ways. Play a chord say D chord and then play the D chord starting on the 14th fret. If the tone is the same, it’s good. You can also use the harmonics method. Play and compare an open string against the 12th-fret harmonic. Make sure that they are identical.

Tip 4:  Things you should Consider for Acoustic-Electrics

Following are the questions you should have while buying a guitar with electronics:

  • Is it possible to change the battery without removing all the guitar strings?
  • Does the guitar has an on-board tuner?

Tip 5:  The Final Exam

Do a thorough inspection of the guitar. Here is what you should look for:

  • Splits or cracks
  • Rising or sinking top face
  • Proper neck/body joint

A teacher offering guitar lessons in Brooklyn can help you in buying the right acoustic guitar.


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