Electronic Dance Music is one of the most trending genres of the music industry in today’s world. One such EDM song is trending and its name is “Gotta Get Up” by the amazing electronic pop artist “5ofclubs”.

The new track ‘Gotta Get Up’ is one the most creative song I’ve heard in a while. It contains a motivational aura that shows how the song is carefully curated by using creative sound patterns, rhythmic pads, and patches of modulated sounds.

If you want to listen to a unique EDM sound with an inspirational background, then “Gotta Give Up” is that song.

Listen to the track now. Link below:

About 5ofclubs:

5ofclubs is a new EDM/electronic pop artist making a name for himself. The name, 5ofclubs, comes from the cardiology card associated with his birthday. The currently anonymous producer who works over 100 hours per week has finally decided to focus more on his music career. What started as a bucket list item to learn to produce music has now grown into a passion and the main purpose of his life. He says, “I was inspired by the way electronic music made me feel and how it could take my mind off everything going on in my head. I eventually couldn’t find any more songs that I liked. So, I decided that I’m going to learn how to make stuff I like and then I got hooked on it.” 5ofclubs has ambitious plans for 2020, to keep up on all the latest in his career visit his website.

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