Alex Genadinik – Grapeseed(English Version)[Guitaa Music Review]

New York-Based Musician “Alex Genadinik” has recently shared his Translated and partially re-written version of one of the best Russian songs of the 20th century, Bulat Okudzhava’s “Grapeseed song” (also known as Georgian song) from Russian to English.

The re-created version of ‘Grapeseed’ has uplifted my mood with its charming guitar rhythm and with its addictive and joyous chorus. The lyrics of the song are rather enhanced by Alex’s idyllic vocal dexterity spreading positivity among the listeners during these tough times. If you have heard the Russian version of the song, Then this English version will definitely make you feel nostalgic and will bring back good old memories of the original song. The masterful guitar arrangement in the song that glides smoothly with the artist’s soulful and melodic voice has indeed created the ultimate symphony of grand tonal pleasure amongst the music lovers.

Do listen to this beautiful remake of “Grapeseed” song and give a thumbs up to “Alex Genadinik’s” incredible work. Follow him on instagram to stay up-to-date about his latest releases. Links below:

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