Alex Genadinik - Magic Dandelion(Guitaa Music Review)
Alex Genadinik – Magic Dandelion(Guitaa Music Review)

Acoustic singer-songwriter “Alex Genadinik” has released a beautiful song of empathy against gun violence and mass shootings, and its name is “Magic Dandelion”. The song is made to inspire people not to turn to gun violence or mass shootings and all of this can be avoided if the society had more love and people were not so distant from each other.

The track “Magic Dandelion” is lyrically and melodically – even in the acoustic state – is as rich and rewarding and is just amazing to listen to. The track shows Alex playing to his strengths, building from his gritty and raw vocal tone complimenting the powerful lyrics of the song, simply backed by guitar. The whole song has a sheer approach lyrically and feels all the more inspirational and powerful for the purpose it has been made. There are very few songwriters working in New York whose output is even half as consistent and the pared-down nature of this track only shows that Alex Genadinik is one singer-songwriter who sounds pretty damn good lyrically and musically.

Here are the lyrics of the song:

In heaven, there is a magic dandelion
Spreading petals of love
You were waiting for your petal too long
Didn’t know it was moments away, floating along.

So you shot us as a surprise
On a clear day under blue skies
We became a motionless heap –
Drifting toward eternal sleep

In heaven, there is a magic dandelion
Spreading petals of love
Whoever’s waiting for your petal be strong
It may be moments away, floating along.

A petal brings the one you love
Who sees what you’ve been dreaming of
The petal came to your outstretched hands
That never found another’s to press against.

The petal revealed your Juliet
If not for your shot, you would have met
You closed your eyes and wept at life’s surprise
Begging heavens for a reprise!

So the world stopped spinning for heaven to hear his plea.
He was shot first by turned backs of people grown cold
From waiting for their petal coming too slow.
So the heavens let the world try once more.

That day began again, and you still felt pain
But you put down your gun and found a way to refrain
And all the people that day,
Took your hand and led your way

To your love, waiting just heart beats away.

Do listen to this uplifting track “Magic Dandelion” and make sure to give a thumbs up to “Alex Genadinik’s” outstanding work. Follow him on Instagram to know more about his upcoming releases. Links below:

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