Alexia Riva – Una Parte De Mi ft. Victor Valdes(Guitaa Music Review)

French-Mexican singer/songwriter “Alexia Riva” has recently released her latest single “Una Parte De Mi” feat. “Victor Valdes”. The song depicts a story of past and unforgettable love with a very emotional and melodic soundscape.

In “Una Parte De Mi”, Alexia & Victor have beautifully arranged the sounds of electric guitar, a violin, and their vocal harmonies that are gentle, naïve, and more than a little melancholy. The track’s delicate plucking guitar sound underpinned with judiciously-placed violin section is simply amazing to listen to. The highlight of the track is the vocal synchronization of both the singers that take turns on the verses and thus sets the scene: A timeless music for the restlessness of spirit, and the yearnsome of heart. The whole track is more carefully held and precise with Alexia and Victor’s respectively Argentina and Spain voices complimenting exquisitely on a song that sounds so soothing.

Do listen to the track “Una Parte De Mi” and make sure to give a thumbs up to “Alexia and Victor’s” incredible work. Also, follow “Alexia Riva” on Instagram to know about her upcoming projects. Links below:

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