Musician “Andrei Lie” has recently released his latest instrumental EP “Segregation” featuring mesmerizing compositions. The EP consists of 3 tracks, including “I lied dying”, “Unsure Lover”, “Thoughts”.

The whole concept of the EP as the artist explains, “is to help people feel the concept, a conceptual piece, about segregation when society isolates someone because of a specific personality quality, something we all sometimes have experienced”.

In Segregation, Andrei has utilized all his instrumental insights perfectly and has arranged each track brilliantly. All the tracks have satisfying intense music, depicting a whole musical journey with a deep diving rhythmic soundscape that can leave a great impact on the mind of the listener. Andrei has worked brilliantly on the basslines and keyboard parts of each track and has shown a great musical mind behind these songs.

So do listen to this amazing EP and make sure to give a thumbs up to Andrei’s incredible work. EP link below:


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