Anthony Lazaro - The Silent Patient(Guitaa Music Review)
Anthony Lazaro – The Silent Patient(Guitaa Music Review)

Extremely talented singer-songwriter “Anthony Lazaro” has released a piece of exquisite musical euphoria that can make any music lover drool over this latest release and its name is “The Silent Patient”.

“The Silent Patient” is going to be one of the most beautiful tracks of 2020 and will make the audience ride on the wave of peaceful rhythms to extract the maximum possible results. It has been created with crisp and clean production, allowing the audiences to get drowned within the enticing sound design. The track’s arrangement with incredible guitar plucking sounds and the use of the strings is the ultimate reflection of an intriguing and refreshing set of ingredients and has also shown the versatility and creative mind of Anthony Lazaro. The musicianship and naturally beautiful sounding vocals of Anthony are the main highlights of the track and has beautifully offered all the captivating musical ingredients that are needed to keep anyone hooked. Such emotion and connection to the song can only be seen in Anthony Lazaro’s arrangements and his five-star performances and vocal delivery in every song are fantastic as always which really separates him and makes him stand out from his peers.

So, Do listen to the track “The Silent Patient” and make sure to give a thumbs up to “Anthony Lazaro’s” incredible job. Also, follow him on his social media platforms to know more about his upcoming releases. Links below:

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