Aryan King” has created a lasting impression on the audience with his latest song “What About”. The song demonstrates the pain of a person suffering from a breakup and rewinds back the loving memories one had while being in the relationship.

What about” has magnificent blues-rock music that sounds highly digestible when combined with deep-meaning lyrics and an entrancing melody. The song starts with acoustic guitar plucking immediately followed by the electric guitar intro solo which sounds captivating and the panning makes it more mellifluous while listening to it. Aryan’s comforting & matured vocals can draw in anyone’s attention effortlessly which when combined with the exotic guitar sound, ensures a lush musical experience, and this song exactly shows that. The track is arranged perfectly with an enchanting chorus and ensures a soothing musical journey to the audience.

Do listen to this beautiful song and give a thumbs up to “Aryan Kings” incredible work. Follow him on instagram to know more about his upcoming releases. Song link below:

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