The narration of a song through its video can make people really happy. That’s what “Awesta Yarzada” has done to his incredible song “Dokhtare Hamsaya”. The music video of “Dokhtare Hamsaya” by Awesta is really interesting and superb and is attracting all people from all around the world.

“Dokhtare Hamsaya” means “The Girl Next door” that will give you an idea of what the song is all about and in the video, Awesta has exactly shown how he fell in love with the nearby acquaintance. The video describes how he follows the girl, things he does to impress her, and at the end expresses his love by giving love note through a child. The Pop/Arabic music vibe provides a unique aura to the song and the whole video is so fun to watch. The song is made in Dari/Farsi which is the official language of Afghanistan, Iran, and Tajikistan.

Do watch the amazing video of ‘Dokhtare Hamsaya’ and give a thumbs up to ‘Awesta Yarzada’s’ incredible work. The music video is available on YouTube or you can go to the link below to watch it.


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