Azmad!k Friendly Strangers(Guitaa Music Review)

Houston, TX-based upcoming artist “Azmad!k” has shared his recently released Hip-hop song “Friendly Strangers”. The kind of honest rap by Azmad!k in the track has made him one-of-a-kind because you buy into his authenticity.

“Friendly Strangers” has put a spotlight on Azmad!k’s ability for songwriting that speaks truth to his current perspective. The track is jammed with booming, hard flow trap flare and its soundscape is quite amazing. The most unique thing about the track is the rapper’s astonishing vocal delivery which promises that he’s going to make listeners feel his words. A song like “Friendly Strangers” packs everything that can make listeners fall in love with Azmad!k’s strong and energetic vocals, coupled with those incredibly crafted catchy beats and melodies. From an appealing style of rapping and freestyling to his creative arrangement of beats, Azmad!k is surely another breakthrough musician in the making.

Do listen to the enticing track “Friendly Strangers” and give a thumbs up to “Azmad!k’s” incredible performance. Follow him on Instagram to keep an update about his upcoming releases. Link below:



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