Ben Blackwell – Life On The Edge(Guitaa Music Review)

Rising Hip-Hop/R&b artist “Ben Blackwell” has released an incredible song that is not only beautiful but also provides a fun and enjoyable vibes through its video, and its name is “Life On The Edge”. The song was produced by La french records in English and Hebrew and has garnered over 1m views on Youtube.

“Life On The Edge” provides enrapturing sounds and the performance of rapper Ben Blackwell in the video is top class, as he delivers an amazing display of his musical mastermind. The track’s appealing arrangement and its fascinating soundscape look dazzling and pleasant. I must say that everyone behind the track’s amazing video has done an exceptional job in making it worth playing on a loop. “Life On The Edge” is one of the best tracks of 2020 so far and it cannot be denied that Ben Blackwell is the star here. He has certainly created a special place for himself in the music industry with this track and cheers to him for providing this wonderful track to the music lovers.

Do listen to the charming track “Track On The Edge” and give a thumbs up to “Ben Blackwell’s” magnificent work. Follow him on Instagram to know more about his upcoming projects. Links below:

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