“Betyljoos” has recently released its new song “Fire” on 4th September 2020 for Pop infused Hard Rock and Alternative Metal music lovers. She has followed all the social distancing norms while

“Fire” is an incredibly diverse, mature, and absolutely fascinating song. It starts with snare rolls and guitar riffs with a harmony playing behind it that gives an amazing buildup to the song. The song is perfect for headbangers.

The arrangement of the song is sublime, and the electric guitars transition along with catchy vocals really shine on this. The song is highly polished, but not so much that one loses sight of the real emotion and desire behind this dynamic approach.

This is the song any rock fan should listen to with open ears before making any calls on whether they are going to like it. Just give it a good listen, as this really is a very good release indeed. Song Link below:

About the Artist: Founded in 2016, BetyLJoos is fronted by vocalist Linda Dolan, who also goes by BetyLJoos on stage. “The name was given to me in a bar while I was collecting the cover charge for my friend’s band.” Betyl explains about how she got the name. “I was wearing a striped shirt and the people near me didn’t know my name but kept buying me drinks all night. Eventually they told me they were calling me Beetle Juice because of my shirt. So I changed the spelling, played with the pronunciation a bit, and it stuck” (You can pronounce it either way Bay-tyl-juice or Betty L Juice, both are fine)

Soundcloud Link: http://www.instagram.com/betyljoos

Spotify Link: https://open.spotify.com/track/0ocDBAidFR8ywXMR5gHQR6?si=gLD5jpjOTV6UGQkd22cqkg

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