BexX – Love Chooses You( Guitaa Music Review)

Uk-based upcoming artist “BexX” has released a melodic Electro/Pop song with a deep and emotional vibe, and its name is “Love Chooses You”. The purpose of this song is to help people who are afraid of expressing their real identity and showcase their true self to the world, through its thought-provoking lyrics and inspiring music. The song is set to be released on 24th July on major music streaming platforms.

In the song, “Love Chooses You”, the captivating layers of Electro/Pop music are being beautifully put together into an engaging progression of beats. The track is an inspiring song where listeners will find the essence of life and a motivation to live life without any fear. The song beautifully captures every aspect of its purpose in an encapsulated and melodic enriched aura. With an eclectic mix of tuneful piano, stabbing electro synthesizers and rock drums, the song builds and builds repeating the same patterns in different ways as the story is revealed by BexX. The artist has shown the potential of inspiring the audience by captivating musical arrangements of “Love Chooses You”. Their journey towards the love of music is just getting started and we should be ready for it, as the artist has a lot to provide to the musical world in the upcoming years.

Do listen to the delightful track “Love Chooses You” and make sure to give a thumbs up to “BexX’s” incredible work. Follow BexX on Instagram & Facebook to stay updated on his upcoming releases. Links below:

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