Big Nobeli – Experiences(Guitaa Music Review)

Hailing from Kansas City’s midtown area, Rapper “Big Nobeli” has released an impressive Hip-Hop album for the music lovers “Experiences”. The album consists of 6 songs mainly “Take One Mo”, “Wop”, “Expensive Drip”, “Spatula”, “What It’s Gonna Be”, and “Outro”.

“Experiences” provides a new side of musical proximity in the Hip-Hop music scene. All the songs are arranged beautifully through the confluence of trap and hip hop essences. With this exquisite type of soundscape, Big Nobeli has brought about a creative change in the music industry and will certainly be applauded by the listeners. The songs depict an interesting story through their lyrical format and each of them progresses beautifully well through the intensity of arrangement and beats. With such caliber, Big Nobeli has all the potential to become a Top-level Hip-Hop artist in the music industry.

Do listen to the album “Experience” and get yourself amazed by the captivating performance of “Big Nobeli”. Make sure to follow him on Instagram for his future releases. Links below:

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