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Buffalo, N.Y.-based Hip-Hop rock group “Bluud Brothers” have shared multiple enticing and brilliant tracks that show a creative crossover in Hip-Hop genre and their unique creative characteristics. The tracks include “Enemies (Feat. Blaze ya dead homie)” which was released recently, Villains (Feat. Lex the Hex Master) & “Queen City Rippers” released in 2019, “My Dark Web” from 2018, “This Halloween” which is set to be released on October 1st, and “Stompin” an unreleased song from their new album. All these tracks are infused with rock elements and horror themes that make them exciting to listen to. Bluud Brothers have previously released 2 albums “Killing Fields” and “Nectophilia” and are coming up with their 3rd album called “Devil’s Knight” that will be released in 2020.

Bluud Brothers is composed of Cody Traina and Joe Mackiewicz, also known as Dark Bluud and Jo3ker respectively. Their authenticity as an artist and their conviction, their work will lead them to accomplish bigger feats in the days to come. With their soundscape, they have brought about a creative change in the rock-infused Hip-Hop songs.

  • Enemies (Feat. Blaze ya dead homie):

Bluud Brothers succeed at creating a unique sound in “Enemies” that’s got a personality beyond the moody, that will hit the audience differently. All the artist’s vocals range from luminous to lethargic across this track and sound simply thrilling. The song has a very interesting approach towards its verses that will immediately shift the listeners’ focus on the track’s authenticity and will soon lead them to a parallel world of fantasies. The track is indeed a solid blend of trap rap welded in concrete catchy music from the start. The overwhelming rap rants are flawless and all the artists involved deserve a big shout-out for presenting an amazing musical masterpiece. Enemies (Feat. Blaze ya dead homie) is available on Spotify and its link will be mentioned down below.

Song Link:

Bluud Brothers(Guitaa Music Review)
  • Villains (Feat. Lex the Hex Master):

In the track “Villains”, Bluud Brother & Lex the Hex Master have shown their engaging rap style and voice that shows their immense potential in the genre. The catchy way of storytelling in the track has caught the attention of all the listeners, making the artists, celebrated figures in the industry. The track is filled with immersive and penetrating lyrics with the performers showcasing a fascinating rap style. The haunting vibes combined with their consistent smooth rap flow creates a powerful mood that captivates the senses of the audience. This song is truly one of a kind and demonstrates the artist’s unique and captivating style impressively. The Song link is available below.

Song Link:

  • Queen City Rippers:

The Formidable duo “Bluud Brothers” are a true enigma, armed with an ecstatic crate-digging Hip-Hop collection and vast sample knowledge that shines through on all of their releases, and “Queen City Rippers” is an example of that. It is perhaps, the perfect ideal artistic expression in the backdrop of current times. The track’s eccentric soundscape has stirred a never-before-known appreciation for the Hip-Hop genre and has regenerated my playlist into a surprising mixed bag. The song resonates with the same horror theme-based rock elements of music which result in a creative flow of musical interpretations. The track is indeed a must listen and is available on Youtube for music lovers.

Song Link:

  • My Dark Web:

This fourth masterpiece from Bluud Brother’s Hip-Hop collection cast a thematic spell over my heart with its extraordinary beat pattern reminding me of the works of the elites in the hip hop industry. The crafty and exotic rap flow fires up the power-packed verse delivery optimizing Bluud Brothers unparalleled artistry. By organizing the track in perfect transition, the Buffalo, N.Y.-based group has managed to produce a symphony of absolute sonic pleasure in “My Dark Web”.

Song Link:

  • This Halloween:

“This Halloween” is Bluud Brother’s newest single which is set to be released on October 1 . It is one of those tracks that strike big from the very first verse. What I found most impressive was the grueling and energetic vocals techniques complimenting the hard-hitting groove of the track perfectly well. This latest single has all the potential to earn them global recognition and popularity by introducing the fans with a fresher and innovative approach. I am certainly overwhelmed to come across such extraordinary artists of such creative knowledge and professionalism, who doesn’t shy away from experimenting with their musicianship.

Song Link: Will be released on October 1.

  • Stompin’:

“Stompin” is an unreleased song from the Bluud Brothers new album “Devil’s Knight” which will be released in the upcoming months of 2020. The arrangement of the track is similar to that of “This Halloween” but contains some exquisite musical bars that can certainly make a listener listen to it on loop. According to me, the track has got mesmerizing beats and can break the top of the charts easily. There is plenty of energy that comes with an unwavering passion in the track which makes it more plausible for the listeners to appreciate the amount of hardwork Bluud Brothers have put to make the track sound astonishing. Make sure to follow the artists on social media platforms to stay updated about Stompin’s release date. Links Below:

Song Link: Will be released in the Upcoming Months. Stay Tuned.

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