Brandon the Wandering Bard have shared a new song, which does not have a title but it’s a part of a musical geocache adventure. You can take a listen to the track below.

The new song from Brandon the wandering Bard is a beautiful & adventurous musical quest where people can enjoy an amazing musical journey by putting together the clues and find the magical destination which Brandon has put together in his upcoming music scores. The musical geocache riddle adventure game is a “not to be missed and an unique journey for music lovers”.

Here’s what Brandon quoted while posting this song:

“Hiding out in the great wild is a treasure chest in a secret location waiting for you to discover. Put together the clues and find the magic spot Ive put together just for you!”

So, Join “The Quest” and enjoy Brandon’s amazing musical masterpieces. Listen to the first track of the “Musical Geocache Riddle Adventure Game” below:


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