BVSS BOTZ – Kill Him(Guitaa Music Review)

Los Angeles based twin dubstep duo “Bvss Botz” has blessed their fans with the latest swashbuckling EDM song “Kill Him”. Through the captivating and breathtaking structure of ‘Kill Him’, “Chris and Calvin” the duo behind “Bvss Botz” is set to impress the global audience thoroughly.

Coming to the track “Kill Him”, the rhythmically entrancing and musically elevating soundscape of the track, along with the psychedelic beats arrangement, will hit the listeners with a hard and long-lasting impact. The evolution of the soundscape around the structure of this track is majestic and worth experiencing. The energy and passion with which the artist has performed in this track are simply outstanding. With this type of performance, Bvss Botz has set up a new benchmark standard for the upcoming artists to follow and has shown their brilliant musical skills perfectly that will surely enchant their followers easily.

“Kill Him” is a must-listen EDM song and gets a four and a half star performance from me. The dubstep duo Bvss Botz is indeed a true heir of the EDM industry and their musicianship needs to be cherished by the audience. Make sure to follow them on Instagram for their future releases. Links below:

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