California Feedback – High Tide(Guitaa Music Review)

“California Feedback” a 2 piece band from Las Vegas, Nevada has released its latest album “High Tide” crafted with strong rock music layout and exciting melodies. Comprising of seven highly expressive tracks namely ‘Going Back Mystic’, ‘High Tide’, ‘Conjugal’, ‘Hey Sugar! Featuring Trailer Trash Tammy’, ‘JDFC’, ‘Lost Oz’, and ‘Modern Medicine”, each of them has a story to tell.

In the album, the dynamic duo has stylistically directed their creativity to express their music to the world. Their sound can be described as a gritty mix of hard rock and pop-rock music. Everything has been beautifully stuffed in the songs to uphold their unique talent coupled with hard-hitting words and an extreme mix of rock tunes. The EP ‘High Tide’ is a must-listen for anyone who is more into the lyrics of the songs. The soulfulness and the passion California Feedback has shown for their craft is indeed a must-listen.

So do listen to ‘High Tide’ on Bandcamp and stay updated for more details about “California feedback’s” upcoming projects and their release dates through their Instagram channel. Song Link below:



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