Rapper “Capo Corleone” has released his newest hip-hop/rock single, “Don’t Play”, featuring B. Gullie. The single was released on 3rd April and precedes the release of the pair’s upcoming joint project, “Hawallywood.”

Capo Corleone knows what he’s good at, and has shown his brand of trippy, fresh melodic sound, and unmatched vocals strength in this amazing track. The song starts with a unique intro with solid and catchy rhythms which is as close to perfection as it can possibly provide to the listeners. The urban hip hop sound with plenty of ambitious lyrical ideas in the song shows how much working in the industry has helped him become a popular and charming rapper. The rap verses from B. Gullie is the added icing that makes this new project unforgettable.

Do give this song a good listen and don’t forget to give a thumbs up to “Capo and B. Gullie’s” incredible work. Song Link below:


About Capo Corleone:

The new release has influences from various hip-hop and rock cultures all around California. Capo Corleone, who is also known as Waylon Barnes, is acknowledged for his work in the business as a music executive. His duality on multiple sides of the music industry shows his drive and motivation for the work he does.

“Don’t Play” is available on all major platforms. To stay updated on all future releases follow Capo Corleone on Instagram.

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