Freedom is… - Chords of Truth (Guitaa Music Review)
“Freedom is…” – Chords of Truth (Guitaa Music Review)

Musician, Athlete, Coach, Artist, Geek… “Jason Garriotte (Aka Chords of Truth)” has recently released a truly authentic single containing extraordinary soundscape and beautiful rhythms and its name is “Freedom is…”. This song has something to express, and it knows exactly how to do it.

Chords of truth tell us about ‘what freedom is’ with his new single. The song is well put together and gives fans a very good feeling. 

For the past decade, Jason Garriotte (aka “Chords of Truth”) has been writing, recording, and performing his original music along with acoustic covers of classic folk songs… at venues all over the United States.

After a string of singles released over the past several years, Jason has recorded a new album using just his voice, his words, and his acoustic guitar.

To listen to the scintillating track “Freedom is…”, one can check out the youtube channel and can watch & enjoy the video there. Follow them on Instagram to know more about their upcoming projects. Link below:

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