ClaT – Mach ’20 Ep Cover(Guitaa Music Review)

“ClaT”, a solo project of singer-songwriter “Claudio Tagliabue” has recently come up with a new rock song “Quarantine”. The song is a part of Claudio’s Ep “March ’20” consisting of 5 tracks mainly ‘Deterioration’, ‘Wall’, ‘Fail’, ‘Sun’, and ‘Quarantine’.

The song “Quarantine” is a result of ClaT’s experiment with the home-recording during the lockdown phase, and it is the why the song is called “Quarantine”. Coming to the track, Its beautifully emotive and immersive songwriting, and the singer’s blissfully ecstatic gritty vocals has made this track powerful. ClaT’s invariably raw voice and the energy level with which he has performed in the song can swiftly caught any listener’s attention. The arrangement of the track with rock guitar riffs & drum beats, the attractive mixing of the song, everything is so well organized that one couldn’t help but remain glued to this track. I must say, ClaT has indeed put out his charismatic musical abilities on display with the song “Quarantine”.

Do watch the amazing video of “Quarantine” that shows how ClaT has made this wonderful song and give a thumbs up to his amazing work. Make sure to follow him on Instagram as well to stay updated about his upcoming Ep. Links below:

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