A Musician, spiritual leader, author, and entrepreneur Darrell Kelley has released a steady stream of recordings over the past year. Now he is back, and on the road again. This time it’s not just to promote his latest radio single, “Because of You” (Viral Records), it’s also to raise awareness about the rising levels of gun violence that’s plaguing all people in the USA.

“Because of you” was released on 3rd December 2019, and is trending amazingly well all over the world. The R&B and Soul genre-based song is one of those songs which gives a strong message to the world about Gun Violence. Some lines of the song like “Did you see the children running, Did you see the children dying” or “We have to come together to stop the Gun Violence, We’ll never accomplish anything if we remain silent” justifies how the song lyrically and musically is trying to send a compelling message to the world to do something about Gun Violence and to raise awareness for situation like these.

Hats off to Darrell for this amazing piece of work. Do listen to this amazing song and give a thumbs up for Darrell’s dedication and thoughts about various scenarios of the society.

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