Deco Halo – Dark Quiet Corners(Guitaa Music Review)

Ohio- based contemporary pop duo “Deco Halo” is going to release their latest single “Dark Quiet Corners”. Renee Paul and Leonard Rivers are the founders behind “Deco Halo” and are coming up with their second album “Your Ghost” which will feature several musicians all over the world, from locations including Stockholm, Moscow, London, Nashville, New York, Austin, and Rio de Janeiro. The album will be released as a series of singles over the rest of 2020, through all streaming services, and “Dark Quiet Corners” is one of them.

The upcoming single “Dark Quiet Corners” is a pop/contemporary song that reflects the love between the dynamic duo of Renee and Leonard for the interplay between light and dark, sparse and lush, loud and soft, happiness and pain. The track is concocted with euphoric melodies of acoustic guitar and peaceful strings sound that smoothly glides with Renee’s ethereal voice making every word evocative and light. The whole track is arranged beautifully with elegant music and is surely a treat for every person who appreciates good music.

So, do listen “Dark Quiet Corners” and give a thumbs up to “Deco Halo’s” incredible work. Follow them on social media platforms to know about the release dates of their upcoming songs from the album “Your Ghost”. Links below:



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