Singer-songwriter-Dreamer “Dejahre” has released an exquisite song that spreads some good vibes through its delightful music, and its name is “Do What You Gotta Do”. The song speaks about the struggles people are facing because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and how one can deal with it by staying positive and motivated.

“Do What You Gotta Do” is an uplifting and motivational song, and surely deserves the audience’s attention. Dejhare has done a wonderful job by blending the Electro-techno style of music with immersive soundscape and rhythmic singing with a catchy score making it the perfect anthem to lift everyone’s spirits during this pandemic. The most beautiful thing I liked about the track is how it has inspired me and was able to put positive thoughts in my mind with its amazing lyrical arrangement. The whole track has an inspirative nature and gives a boost of pragmatic vibe that sounds simply incredible. All the credit goes to Dejhare who has thoughtfully penned down the verses and made the music arrangement sound truly authentic in “Do What You Gotta Do”.

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More About Artist:

Dejhare (pronounce deɪ-Jhar) is first and foremost a dreamer.  She imagines the world through a lens of the possible, and her life experiences speak of that trajectory of always heading for the sky.  Not one to be easily categorized or defined, Dejhare has always been drawn to creativity and self-expression.  She loves the idea of using music as a canvas on which to draw our life stories and on which to share happiness, the hopes, and the frustrations of our shared humanity.  Using her experiences, she paints a picture of the dreams, longings, memories, and joys that we all share.

Dejhare’s vision is to use her music to reach out to people on a very personal level.  She wants to give a positive, meaningful, and grounded message to her audience, as well as to share a meaningful and selfless narrative about our lives.  She believes that music can unite us; music can heal us: and music can bring hope and a voice to us all. Through music, we can hear the voices of the silent and listen to the stories of the unheard.  And through music, we can find common ground in a world that can be so cruel and divisive. Because whatever our beliefs and aspirations, we all share common desires – to love and to be loved, to succeed in what we do, and to matter.


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