The Brooklyn, New York, multifaceted and prolific Artist “Dejha Colantuono” alongside Mike Squires has released her new album “The Union Gospel“. The 10-track album will surely give listeners a renaissance vibe of soul and classic/independent rock music.

Coming to the arrangement of the tracks, The instrumentation of all the songs is embedded with lovely, rich and deep tone music, with some badass vintage rock guitar patches. Listeners will literally be in awe of the guitar patches and catchy basslines on this record. Combined with some slight indie moods, the majority of the album swoons with Dejha’s ardent and energetic vocals and is hardly giving listeners a break.

This album is surely a refreshing thing for rock music lovers and has all the potential to top the music charts. Do listen to this amazing album and give a thumbs up to Dejha and her team’s incredible work. Album link below:


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