Friends by Eddie Arjun ft. Jacob Evans(Guitaa Music Review)
Friends by Eddie Arjun ft. Jacob Evans(Guitaa Music Review)

New York-based three-piece instrumental band “Eddie Arjun” have dished out a peach of an instrumental Jazz/Rock number with the brilliant track “Friends”. The song also features drummer, “Jacob Evans”. Both the artists have delivered a flamboyant performance in “Friends” which is already a hit amongst the music lovers.

“Friends” is an instrumental jazz/rock song, filled with fresh and trippy musical vibes that are delectable and entertaining. Both Eddie Arjun and Jacob has edged past their creativity level and has delivered an enthralling song with an impeccable style. The song is a savvy-gem with Eddie Arjun’s exquisite guitar solos alongside Jacob’s compelling drumming that has made the track sound amazing. The whole track is filled with delightful music, a catchy vibe, and has a dash of brightness which will certainly slain the listeners. This gem of a track by Eddie Arjun and Dinho has indeed have all the potential to hit the top of the instrumental music charts because of its swashbuckling and indomitable peppy tunes.

Music lovers can log on to Youtube to listen to this amazing track and also make sure to check the website/Instagram of “Eddie Arjun” to get a sneak peek of his future projects and to catch a glimpse of his shared updates. Links below:

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