Era’Nay - Farewell (Guitaa Music Review)
Era’Nay – Farewell (Guitaa Music Review)

Louisville, KY-based Sultry singer-songwriter “Era’Nay” has recently released a new single from her latest EP, ‘Elevate’; the indie RnB ballad, ‘Farewell’, showcases the artist’s honest and emphatic musical style alongside his definitive storytelling abilities.

Era’Nay began her career with Carter Music Group and producer Darrin Lee, Era’Nay has written and released the latest song, “Farewell” that has garnered immense appreciation from the audience, and now all the tracks of her latest EP are also creating a huge buzz among her followers.

Era’Nay has written and released several singles “No More”, “Chances”, “Lessons”, which provide an enticing flavor of R&B beats. She is indeed the powerhouse of tremendous capability that can set an example in the music industry in near future.

“Farewell”, is a stripped-down ballad that speaks to the grief so many of us are experiencing every year. Throughout the song, Era’Nay’s emotive and soulful vocals reflect on the loss of a loved one; as she wonders if the words “I Love You” were spoken often enough.

Do listen to this incredible song “Farewell” and give a thumbs up to Era’Nay’s” incredible work. Make sure to follow her on social media platforms to know more about her upcoming projects. Links Below:

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