Fin - Playful Secrets(Guitaa Music Review)
Fin – Playful Secrets(Guitaa Music Review)

New Jersey, USA-based artist “Fin” has released his latest single “Playful Secrets”. The song describes a story about the artist himself who embraced his difficult changes and how he recuperated himself after the loss of his dad a few years ago.

“Playful Secrets” has an exciting and captivating aura of its own that has made the listeners crazy. The track possesses a real charm and life to the fragments of catchy vocals and is really engaging, thus, making it pretty hard for the listeners to pick the right moments to enjoy. There is an enticing, lively, and special vibe in the track that just makes an instant impact on the ears. Multiple layers of synth, basslines and catchy beats have overlaid each other pretty well, creating an exciting series of harmonies through the busy chorus section that gets fused to the sound design amazingly well. The main highlight of the track is Fin’s a.k.a ‘Ron Finucane’ booming vocals and the voice control he has shown in the track is absolutely incredible. Fin has certainly done a superb job in making the track worthy of playing on a loop.

Do listen to the track “Playful secrets” on Youtube and also make sure to follow Fin on Instagram to know more about his upcoming releases. Links below:

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