Pennsylvania R&B artist, “Fitch Means” has dropped his latest EP, “2AM Drive”. After the release of his singles, “Drip Sauce” featuring Authentic Apollo and “Millions” featuring King BreZe, Fitch Means has mesmerized the audience with this latest 4-track EP.

2AM Drive is all about the phases of a relationship, in which each song describes an emotion related to it, from coming into the relationship to its downfall. The whole album was written after his breakup and illustrates it as a challenge to get through this particular era.

The title track depicts how Fitch feels when going on a late-night drive and seeing the moonlight at 2 AM which helps him feel comfortable. The tracks “Love feels like” and “Pretend” states the ecstatic feeling of coming into a relationship and it’s ending. Finally, the last track “So Far Gone” gives the overall conclusion of this whole relationship journey. All the tracks are captivating and are produced with incredible lo-fi melodies and R&B music.

The track “Pretend’s” music video has also been released on YouTube. Listen to this incredible EP “2AM Drive” on Spotify and all other major platforms. Make sure to follow Fitch Means on Instagram or visit his website for future releases and more information.

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