Ford Sharpless – Palm Trees(Guitaa Music Review)

Concord N.C. based beatmaker, “William Wylie” also known as “Ford Sharpless” has mesmerized his fans with exquisite electro and lo-fi house genre tunes in the peach of a track “Palm Trees”. Ford started producing at a very young age and became serious about it once when local artists got a hold of his sound. After honing his craft with other local artists he began working on his first release and went on to independently release his first instrumental project called Alpha. He then went on to release 3 more albums before taking a self-imposed hiatus to pursue other creative interests. He has now resurfaced on the music scene with “Palm Trees” with a new sense of purpose and creativity.

Coming to the track “Palm Trees”, it has that unique freshness that is too addictive and will make the listeners listen to it constantly on a loop. When you hear out the track, you will realize that “Ford” has all the potential to become one of the recognized beatmakers of the music industry. Starting with traditional synth elements and sound design that are quickly addictive, this track pushes one’s musical senses to turn up the volume and venture into the ocean of creative bliss. Ford has created an enchanting track and I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every second of this track. This track is the ultimate reflection of the musical prowess of the artist in a hypnotic way.

“Palm Trees” is nothing but sheer brilliance from the Ford Sharpless who has introduced blissful artistry and professionalism to the music industry. Do listen to this track and follow him on Instagram to know more about his upcoming tracks. Links Below:

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