Goodieboyz – Rise With Me Feat. SumBoyRay, Switch, & The Collective

A startup indie only multimedia online company “Goodieboyz” has shared its recently released alternative hip hop song “Rise With Me” feat. SumBoyRay, Switch, & The Collective. The song is released after current events demanding equality, end of racism, end of police brutality, and calls to improve race relations all over the world. This rap song brought together various rappers about racism or as some call it a political rap song, shows our past and present with shocking similarities.

“Rise With Me” depicts a thrilling performance that has been executed by the stupendous rappers and Goodieboyz. The uplifting lyrics and vibes in the track are majestic. The song is rich in infectious melodies and display a strong essence of motivational rap. Goodieboyz has worked remarkably well to pull in such creative heads under one roof which has in turn proved beneficial so that they can highlight the problems of racism all over the world through this enticing song. By Putting out some amazing artists, Goodieboyz are proving itself as a strong foundation for all type of artists who want to build a strong impact in their respective industry.

Do listen to this incredible track and make sure to follow the Instagram handle of Goodieboyz to know more about its future projects. Links Below:

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