“GVNG GREEN”, the American hip-hop group from Los Angeles, California has released its first R&B single together, “Red Light” featuring Trinity. This collaboration follows the release of GVNG GREEN’s self-titled hip-hop album.

On their debut song, Red Light, GVNG GREEN unfurls their old school music, singing about the desires of a person which he/she feels inside them. Coming to the music of the song, the song starts with rhythmic keys music which is then followed by the soothing vocals of the duo. The whole song has light music behind it, which is being beautifully complemented by the vocals of all the singers, including the hook, Rap, the harmonies, everything. This song is indeed very pleasing to ears and has the full potential to top the charts.

Do listen to this sensual song and give a thumbs up to “GVNG GREEN & Trinity’s” amazing work. Link Below:



GVNG GREEN is an American hip-hop group from Los Angeles, California, founded in 2019. They are composed of two artists known by their stage names, Goddi and StaJe, after meeting in 2018, through their manager and business partner, Andy Jin.



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