Hyde Out – Smoke And Mirrors(Guitaa Music Review)

London, UK based rock band “Hyde Out” has released a new song that is buzzing with furious energy, and its name is “Alive”. The song is a part of their newly released album “Smoke and Mirrors” which consists of an eclectic collection of 12 original songs. The band has matched the vibe of raw and powerful energy of alt-rock music in all of their tracks to offer the new generation of rock fans the taste of interesting and catchy rock sounds.

Coming to the music of the track “Alive”, It has a unique sound that fuses a unique blend of alt-rock, Indie/Pop-rock music and gives a strong boost of energy to the listeners. The power, the energy, the boldness, everything is deeply rooted in the track and is a plus bliss for any rock lover and for those who hold a strong interest in catchy guitar-work along with energetic drum beats, intense vocal harmonies, with stylish riffs of synth sounds. The whole song is arranged very well as it gives the listeners an interesting mix of sound filled with an intense and dramatic musical vibe but with an uplifting aura. The most exciting part of this track is the chorus –

“I’m alive, and I can take a fight, When all is said and done, bring it on if you wish, take it all out on me ‘cause
I survive, and there’s no fade to white, Where fallen angels lie, with their broken wings and their hopes and dreams Denied”

It slaps with a lyrical honesty that hits the listeners straight in the chest. “Hyde Out” has surely all the potential to surpass their contenders to create a name of their own and has skillfully proved their uniqueness with the release of the album “Smoke and Mirrors”.

Do listen to this amazing track “Alive” and make sure to follow “Hyde Out” on Instagram to know more about their upcoming releases. Links below:

Song Link: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/hydeout/smoke-and-mirrors

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/1F42a19gl7OYZUfF7MYfYx?si=XYo8d_NRRXOzeJkSkcxPeQ

Instagram: www.instagram.com/hyde_out_band/

About Hyde Out:

Hyde Out is a band, led by Omar Merlo and Jaka Levstek who have been musically collaborating since 2014. They come from broad creative musical backgrounds. For several years Omar led indie rock bands throughout Europe and Australia, whereas Jaka has been collaborating with recognized popular and classical musicians throughout Europe. They make music simply out of passion, looking for new ways to bring to life the sounds that defined their own musical origins.

In 2018 Hyde Out recorded a self-produced demo album titled “Technicolour Ghost”, a candid exploration of their musical histories. Technical Ghost brought forth a couple of singles, “Hollow” and “Nights”, which garnered some positive reviews around the world.

In the summer of 2020 Hyde Out collaborated with Italian musicians to produce an EP titled “Chiaraluna”, which achieved some success in Italy and other parts of the world.

In November they released their first full studio album, Smoke and Mirrors, produced by Supreme Tracks in New York. The album is an eclectic collection of 12 original songs that showcase Hyde Out’s varied influences and creative directions. While the influence of the British pop/rock scene of the 90s clearly permeates through the album–with hints of Travis, Keane, Oasis, Radiohead, Suede, and more–the album also explores some unexpected territory by seemingly merging different genres in a unique and refreshing way.

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