I Am Soteria – Redemption(Guitaa Music Review)

Multi-Talented and Inspiring artist “I Am Soteria” has released her latest motivational song “Redemption”. The motive behind the song is to inspire people to speak on issues such as Social & Racial Justice, Equity, Equality, Homelessness, Racism, Unity, and Leadership.

A motivational speaker, a community advocate, a poet, a musician, and all in all an inspiring personality is what “I Am Soteria” is known as. She has gained immense popularity and much appreciation from her fans all over the world and is now set to mesmerize everyone with the “Redemption” song. ‘Redemption’ is a motivational track that is recorded in the artist’s exquisite voice and has created a powerful and encouraging vibe through it that will surely land a heavy impact on the listeners. The powerful verses of the track keep the florid fire alive and the intensity with which I Am Soteria sings in the track is just astounding. With such efforts and thoughtful approach behind “Redemption”, I Am Soteria is surely going to leave an immense mark on the listeners.

Do listen to the song on Apple Music and make sure to follow “I Am Soteria” on Instagram, or simply visit her official website for more interesting stuff. Links below:

Song Link: https://music.apple.com/gb/album/redemption-single/1517816184

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iamsoteria/

Website: www.iamsoteria.com


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