Isaac Grinsdale – Play Dead(Guitaa Music Review)

Leeds, England singer-songwriter and Guitarist “Isaac Grinsdale”, has shared his recently released Alternative-Acoustic rock song, and its name is “Play Dead”. A multi-skilled artist, armed up with talents of playing guitar, singing, and songwriting – it was quite expected from Issac Grinsdale to come up with something more fascinating than his previous releases.

Coming to the music of “Play Dead”, it truly shows the epitome of musicianship. The presentation of a spellbinding mix of lyrical mysticism, compositional, and instrumental virtuosity of the track has stolen the show here. The bright, jangly acoustics lend a relaxed alternative rock vibe to the verses, while the acoustic guitar and vocals impact in the chorus is just amazing to listen to. The concept is highlighted perfectly here and is crafted beautifully in the track. Be it the soundscape, the lyricism, or the backdrop, Isaac has done a tremendous job here and one just cannot ask for more from him.

So, do listen “Play Dead” and give a thumbs up to Issac Grinsdale’s incredible work. Song Link below:



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