Jocie Denae – One More Chance(Guitaa Music Review)

Chicago South Suburbs-based Singer, Songwriter, and Actress “Jocelyn Denae McDonald” AKA “Jocie Denae” has shared her latest R&B/Pop song “1 More Chance”. The accomplished singer is sounding poised and warm in the track and is soon coming up with her debut album “A18” as well.

“1 More Chance” provides an exquisite musical aura that will catch the listener’s creative space instantly. I love how captivating this song is, how intense Jocie’s feelings are expressed with each word, and the way it progresses till the end is beautiful to listen to. The way she layers her vocals into knots of harmony and texture is just astonishing. Her extraordinary vocal texture, her songwriting skills, and the way she has performed on the track is just exceptional. Though the track sounds appealing because of its arrangement and thoughtful songwriting, I must say it’s the shimmer in the track and Jocie’s beautiful vocals that keep it compelling and elevates it to a whole another degree.

“1 more chance” has shown that raw talent, ambition, and staying focus can make dreams come true and Jocie Denae is a living example of this. Her love for music has helped her reach new heights, and I’m pretty sure that this track is surely going to become a huge hit amongst music lovers. Do listen to this amazing track on youtube, and make sure to follow “Jocie Denae” on Instagram to know about her upcoming projects. Links below:

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