Joe Hodgson – The One That Got Away(Guitaa Music Review)

Northern Ireland-born guitarist “Joe Hodgson” is set to make his solo debut in the music industry with the release of his exquisite instrumental single “The One That Got Away”. The song will be released on Friday 28th August and was inspired by the break up of a long term relationship.

“The One That Got Away” is the perfect introduction to a guitarist whose mission is to take to take listeners on an uplifting musical ride with his creative and breathtaking soundscapes. The track hits hard with its unpredictable guitar riffs and the playful music behind the track got me grooving to its beats throughout. It is an incredible performance by Joe Hodgson who has got more than 20 years of experience under his belt. The retro vibe and the fascinating grunge of blues-rock music are refreshing to listen to and the overall arrangement of the track is flabbergasting. This track is surely pure art and is something that can be played on a loop for endless hours.

Listen to this enchanting instrumental track “The One That Got Away” and make sure to give a thumbs up to Joe Hodgson’s incredible work. Joe has also finished his debut solo album “Apparitions”, which is set for release on 20th November 2020. The single will be available for download from all the major platforms, and you can also follow Joe on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated about his upcoming releases. Links below:

“The One That Got Away” Teaser:



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