Rising artist Kamryn Marie has released her newest single, “Goodbye For Now,” off her latest EP, “Under Control.” The song was written during a dark time in Kamryn’s life when she was struggling with depression and had thoughts of taking her own life.

“Goodbye For Now” is a melancholic song that conveys a message for those who are struggling with depression that they are not alone. The music indicates the vibe of emptiness and foggy feeling that people feel during the depression and how to cope up with that feeling.

So do listen to this chilled-out song and give a thumbs up to Kamryn’s amazing work.

Link to the single:

About Kamryn Marie:

Kamryn Marie is an American pop singer and songwriter originally from Washington, DC. She uses her authentic and captivating persona to sew a wide variety of influences into her work. From supercharged EDM to sultry ballads with a hint of a laid-back country vibe Kamryn stays true to her innermost self to unify her audience with her music, and with each other. The artist has released 7 singles and one full-length album “As Is” prior to “Under Control.” Listen to “Under Control” now on all major platforms and follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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