Oklahoma artist, “Kemper Grant” has dropped his scintillating new album, “Jungle”. The album consists of 8 tracks all of which are unique and distinct from each other. The whole album is an excursion and is a pure masterclass that shows how talented Kemper is with his amazing knowledge of music.

The use of dynamic and sanguine beats, the old school disco vibe music, pleasant-sounding harmonics, with tormenting melodies, “Jungle” is an exciting treat for the listeners. The songs are arranged quite nicely and each one is a narrative for itself.

The young beatmaker and sound producer Kemper Grant has also collaborated with various incredible vocalists and has stylized every track smoothly with an energetic soundscape.

Make sure to give a listen to this exciting album Jungle which is available now on all major platforms. You can also follow Kemper Grant on Instagram or visit his website for more information on the rising artist and his future releases.

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