KillaSloth – Nowhere To Run(Guitaa Music Review)

Los Angeles based dubstep and basshouse DJ & producer “KillaSloth” has come up with a thrilling and energetic song “Nowhere To Run”. The producer has chosen to go wild with this song and has incorporated heavy bass and deeper, darker textures electronic beats. KillaSloth is also set to drop a new single, “Blessings”, releasing this July 2020 on all digital streaming platforms.

The soundscape of “Nowhere To Run” has got me hooked to an unpredictable music sense throughout. “KillaSloth”(also known as Giorgio Michel) music tames no boundaries just like his creativity, and the creations are just the perfect amalgamation of some dynamic and energetic sound designs. The amount of energy and hypnotic layers of rhythms along with impactful basslines and catchy beats, the music producer has produced the track like in such a way that it holds on to the same passion till the end. Falling prey to KillaSloth’s high-intensity track, his impressively vast collection of original groovy music appealed to me to a large extent and one can expect a more energetic aura in his upcoming song “Blessings”.

Do listen to “Nowhere To Run” and give a thumbs up to “KillaSloth’s” scintillating work. Also, make sure to follow Killasloth on Instagram to know about his future releases. Links below:

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