Kinesus – Retrogram(Guitaa Music Review)

Las Vegas, NV-based producer “Kinesus” has shared his upcoming electronic-music album “Retrogram” which is set to release on July 17th, 2020. The songs are comprised of various different styles such as chillwave, indietronica, hip-hop, melodic future bass, etc. The album consists of 20 amazing tracks and is a compilation of Kinesus‘s favorite music that he has produced over the last several years.

The musical motion and interpretation through electronic sound dynamics in the album is simply astounding. His soundscape has already enriched my playlist with his songs ‘When Stars Collide’, ‘Angkor’, and ‘Wanderlust’, three captivating electronic-glazed music modules. The songs have been composed beautifully and provides an unique aura that can make listeners fall in love with the producer’s creative journey. Each song is pure bliss to listen to having its own vibe and matching up to the title on which it is being named. Kinesus‘s soundscape and imagination follow a certain motion that shows his class and creativity in his musicianship.

Be a part of this unprecedented breakthrough of electronic-music uniqueness by listening to the breathtaking album “Retrogram”. Make sure to follow “Kinesus” on Soundcloud and Instagram.

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