Kitt Wakeley’s Symphony of Sinners and Saints Is A Hit (Guitaa music review)
Kitt Wakeley (Guitaa music review)

Press play on an all-new awe-inspiring instrumental album by the renowned Kitt Wakeley. The talented creator presents a different approach to an instrument-only album. Symphony Of Sinners And Saints will have you in shock and wonder as the tunes will transport you through a world of emotions.

Producer and composer Kitt Wakeley’s new album is packed with a beautiful collection of tracks recorded at Abbey Road Studios. The design displays an exceptional dose of orchestral rock as Kitt sleekly whisks you away on an exciting experience.

The album is made with extra special elements as it features famous names such as guitarists Joe Satriani and Andy Timmons, as well as several other important players. His determination and perseverance have graced fans with an all-new, exciting album.

The album’s title perfectly blends two opposing worlds that are harmoniously evident throughout the album.

Do listen to the incredible album Symphony Of Sinners And Saints and give a thumbs up to  Kitt Wakeley’s magnificent work. Links below:


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