A song that is an inspiration for anyone who is willing to do something but needs courage and dedication to conquer self’s dream. Presenting you Guitaa Studios’ new Original “Me Kar Sakta hu” which is one of the anthems of the KoCa Kota Carnival 2020(World’s Biggest Youth Festival).

“Me Kar Sakta Hu” is an inspirational Rap song that describes how people can inspire themselves to achieve the success they are craving for and to work dedicatedly with keeping the positive mentality and focus. A few lines of the song like “Tu Badta Jaa, Aage Badta Jaa”, or “Har Manzil ko me Haan choo Sakta hu” literally gives a morale boost to the listeners.

So Guys, Listen to this amazing song below and give thumbs up to Guitaa Studios’ amazing song.


“Me Kar Sakta Hu” should be your motivating word to achieve your dreams. #MeKarSaktaHoon

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