Labán – Hell Is Not My Nightmare(Guitaa Music Review)

Baja California, Mexico-based singer-songwriter and producer “Labán” has belted out an amazing song for his followers and its name is “Hell Is Not My Nightmare”. The idea behind this song is to provide people some positive vibes to lighten-up their mood and help them release their negative energy.

“Hell Is Not My Nightmare” delivers an enjoyable musical ride with a unique soundscape that summarizes Labán’s brilliant music masterclass. This song touches in ways that cannot be expressed in words. The transition between the song is superbly crafted as listeners will get to experience different types of speed variation in it. The way Labán has played with the beats count of the song is commendable and has shown his utmost performance in it. His varied and diversified taste in music has gifted “Hell Is Not My Nightmare” the most engaging soundscape one can listen to and is surely going to be loved by the audience.

Do listen to the magnificent song “Hell Is Not My Nightmare” and give a thumbs up to “Labán’s” incredible work. Also, make sure to follow him on Instagram or his website to know more about his upcoming songs. Links below:

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