Liquid Phase” has just released an amazing buoyant new song “Bright Colors”. The song is cheerful with some peppy beats which can make you groove instantly.

“Bright Colors” is a remastered single and narrates the Journey of Singer Joe Coss and His Travels From LI’s East End to New York City as he worked as lead Mechanical Engineer on the new World Trade Center

“Bright Colors” is an infectiously upbeat song which brings to light Coss’s love for both the city whose most triumphant landmark he’s had the privilege of erecting to the oceanside oasis that is Montauk, NY. This comes to light in the songs lyrics “See a row of purple roses live on the oceanfront // And the cliffs of Earth eroding slower than we have fun // When I climbed up the iron ladder the sky was the bluest one // Looking out as our friends were leaving just as the keg was done” and coming full-circle with “Look West as the sun sets, castle stands in our way // Out East, there’s an orange moonrise, Radar’s aimed our way”.

So do listen to this cheery song and give a thumbs up to “Liquid Phase’s” amazing work. Link Below:


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