Long Live Moses

Hailing from New York, Rapper “Long Live Moses” is set to establish a successful musical career because of his latest song “Full Moon”. The catchy beats and creative articulacy of the song are outstanding and are set to create a buzz in the global hip hop scene.

Long Live Moses – Full Moon(Guitaa Music Review)

“Full Moon” is a track with unparalleled groovy beats and produced through a synchronized music arrangement. The pummeling beats and on top of that, Long Live Moses energetic rap vocals have encapsulated his genius artistry flawlessly. The rapper’s well-crafted diction featuring thought-provoking and eloquent lyricism has enhanced the quality of the song brilliantly. Though the track is relatively short, its hard-hitting beats and the unmatchable verse delivery will make you listen to the track again and again. “Full Moon” is surely a track to watch out for and has all the potential to make the listeners fell in love with Long Live Moses skillful musicianship.

“Full Moon” is out now on Spotify and make sure to follow “Long Live Moses” on Instagram to stay updated about his upcoming releases. Song Link Below:





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