Lucid Ending – Product(Guitaa Music Review)

The Canadian alternative rock band “Lucid Ending” has fascinated the audience with the release of its latest rock song “Product”. The prolific band has displayed a splendid performance in “Product” and has shown their caliber in the Alternative-Rock genre.

The track “Product” has an eclectic appeal. The use of enrapturing guitar riffs in the track is in my opinion, one of the best I’ve heard in a while. There is a phenomenal blend of classic rock music and the whole composition depicts immersive vibes. “Product” will surely uplift your mood with its enthralling guitar riffs and boisterous drum beats interlaced with the addictive and energetic vocals. The song made with such exquisite quality deserves a four and a half star and has all the potential to hit the top of the music charts.

Do listen to this amazing track “Product”, and make sure to follow “Lucid Ending” on Instagram for its upcoming projects. Song Video Link Below:




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